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Hangar Events at Scottsdale Airport: Helping your Event Take Off


Planning an event in Scottsdale? Volanti Events team can manage every aspect of event planning. Our hangar events offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Scottsdale is a perfect event destination for many reasons. The desert city east of the state’s capital Phoenix is renowned for its picturesque setting with the magnificent McDowell Mountains in the background.

There’s so much to do in the city from touring the desert-scape of hills, rock formations, to enjoying desert sunset tours. Visitors also love the city tours of amazing sites like McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, OdySea Aquarium, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Butterfly Wonderland, and Old Town Scottsdale among other awesome attractions.


Revolutionary Impact of Hangar Events


There’s a hidden gem in the city if you want to add some pizzazz to your event. While this region is renowned for spa resorts and golf courses, you can now spice up your events by choosing a unique venue. Hangar events offer an alternative to the monotony of banquet and conference meetings.

The Scottsdale Airport is now the go-to location if you want to host truly memorable events in the city. Scottsdale hangar events present an opportunity to turn any meeting or conference into a memorable event.

It is the idyllic location for any event from corporate meetings, weddings, social gatherings, bachelor parties, and any other meet you have in mind. If you want to dazzle participants at your next corporate event, a hangar meeting at Scottsdale Airport is a revolutionary idea.


Upping Your Scottsdale Hangar Events with Volanti Events


Volanti Events is the leading event planner in the city with a reputation for world-class hangar events at the Scottsdale Airport. We’re a full-service team with a production warehouse, kitchen, and logistics on the site, and this makes our services more efficient.

Scottsdale Hangar Events

Here are some reasons to consider our Scottsdale Airport Events:

  • Awe-inspiring setting: We offer you a chance to host your event at a location with a view of the airport and McDowell Mountains in the distance.
  • A refreshing change of setting/pace: If you have always held client/employee meetings in your office, we give you the chance to spice things up with this unique event idea.
  • Exquisite catering: We offer personalized catering solutions to suit any meeting. It is a big part of the success of any event and we’ve refined our menu to meet the highest standards.
  • Versatile spaces: We offer a versatile selection of venues, including the Volanti Restaurant, private airport hangars, and private event space at the new Scottsdale Airport Aviation Business Center. You can also opt for our latest event idea in the form of an open-kitchen aviation lounge experience.
  • Lasting impression: Whether you want to host a wedding or a corporate event, Volanti Events wants to help you leave a lasting impression. With our full-service approach to events, we help our clients achieve their goals. We go to great lengths to offer an exquisite experience that created indelible memories.
  • Tailored event solutions: We appreciate every client is unique, and that’s the reason we offer personalized packages for corporate and private airport events. Our team is always ready to listen and work with you to bring your ideas to life. From restaurant buyouts to custom catering, our team is ready to make it work.



Your Safety is a Priority


CDC Guidelines


While we look forward to hosting your event, we want to assure our guests that we are taking the extra time to make sure we are well prepared and meet all of the measures outlined by the CDC. We know we have a huge responsibility, as all events do, to keep you, your guests, and our team safe.

We have outlined all of our safety measures for every event moving forward. Reach out to us for any event needs, and we will work through this together!

Contact us today, and let us help make your Scottsdale event special.



Helicopter 3-Course Dining Experience

Scottsdale, Arizona is a top destination for outdoor adventures, foodies, golf enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to have a good time. There’s a lot to do and see in this top all-year-round destination, and it’s no wonder millions of visitors come here annually.

In addition to the travel-perfect weather, there’s food and drinks galore in the city. What’s more, you can explore this destination though jeep tours, Segway tours, hiking, and biking.

Whether you have an interest in culture, history, arts, archeology, nature, entertainment, there’s something for everyone here. With McDowell Mountains and a dominating desert landscape, this is a haven for outdoor lovers.

Explore Scenic Scottsdale in Style

There are many ways to see the city but air tours offer the best way to explore the stunning landscape. Helicopter tours of the Valley of the Sun provide awe-inspiring views that will add an edge to your trip.

These are popular with both locals and visitors who want to do explore this destination extensively.  This is the best way to see this city from a new perspective and enjoy the panoramic view of the McDowell Mountains and deserts views. What’s more, the bird’s view gives you a chance to point out major sights and attractions, such as the desert masonry at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West.

Savor Volanti’s Helicopter Dining Experience

You can now enjoy more than just a helicopter flight when exploring this magnificent landscape. Volanti Restaurant, conveniently located at the end of the tarmac at Scottsdale Airport’s runway, offers helicopter tours spiced with a world-class dining experience at their renowned restaurant.

Treat Someone Special

You can now treat a loved one, client, or friends with Volanti’s helicopter flights 3-course dinner. The flight and dining experience is the icing on the cake for your trip. After enjoying the stunning view of the Valley of the Sun, the elegant dining experience caps it all in style.

It is the perfect treat whether you want to pamper your folks with a surprise gift or you want to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one.

Volanti has already built a reputation for the finest dining experiences at their restaurant, which has a great view of the airport. With their helicopter flight and dining package, they’ve upped the game to deliver a unique experience to their clients in Arizona.

The pick-up point is at the airport, and the beauty of it is that Volanti Restaurant is ideally located on the edge of the tarmac. After your helicopter flight, there are no connections to worry about. You’ll sit back and dive into your 3-course meal at the restaurant.

Idyllic Dining Setting

The setting next to the tarmac has made this a must-visit restaurant for both aviation enthusiasts and foodies. The menu is exquisitely selected and they’ve gone to great things to cater to every palate.  This is the experience you’ll come to after your helicopter tour.

From the delicacies, wine to the champagne, there’s something elegant about Volanti’s taste. The ambiance inside the restaurant is welcoming and you feel at home. If you want some more flight action, sit at the patio and you’ll enjoy watching the planes land and take off.

CDC Guidelines

While we look forward to hosting your event, we want to assure our guests that we are taking the extra time to make sure we are well prepared and meet all of the measures outlined by the CDC. We know we have a huge responsibility, as all events do, to keep you, your guests, and our team safe. We have outlined all of our safety measures for every event moving forward.

Ready to explore Scottsdale like royalty?  Call us today at 480.657.2426 and book a helicopter tour with a 3-course dinner.

Scottsdale Airport Restaurant

Scottsdale is one of the top destinations in The Greater Phoenix area, also referred to as the Valley of the Sun. Statistics show the city powers tourism in the region, with nearly 11 million visitors coming here in 2018.

Whether you are a resident or you are visiting the city, there’s so much to see and do here. The desert landscape with the McDowell Mountains in the background offers the perfect experience for outdoor buffs. From desert tours, hiking, biking, art tours, archeology tours, Segway tours to ATV and jeep tours, there’s something to interest everyone.

One other thing that adds flavor to the city is a reputation for fine food and incredible hospitality. The city boasts a vast array of local eateries and luxurious restaurants to satisfy visitors and locals alike. If you are looking for a memorable fine dining experience in the city, you’re in for a treat.


Welcome to Volanti Restaurant


Volanti restaurant conveniently located next to Scottsdale Airport’s runway has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for food lovers. We are a contemporary restaurant and lounge overlooking Scottsdale Airport’s runway and McDowell Mountains.

Our restaurant is in a beautiful two-story glass building on the edge of the tarmac. It makes us a unique and exciting meeting point for locals and visitors.

Great Food and Ambiance

We’re dedicated to offering an excellent dining experience to our guests, and this has helped us build a strong reputation in the hospitality industry. Our restaurant offers a diverse menu ranging from simple to classic world inspired fares. Every item in our menu is exquisitely selected to meet the highest standards.

From the drink specials, sandwiches, and burgers, appetizers, happy hour 3pm-6pm, salads, house favorites, tacos and more, we’ve everything for everyone. Our mission is to provide a robust setting for social events with great food to go along.

You can now enjoy our house favorites, including exotic mushroom bruschetta, Mexican shrimp tower, or try finger picking sandwiches such as black and blue burger or the chef’s choice hand-cut steak.

Whether you want to surprise your date with lunch or give your family an exciting dinner, this is the perfect setting. The phenomenal view on the runway never fails to excite our guests, and we love the smiles and joy all this creates.

Idyllic Dining Setting

The unique setting right on the taxiway for Scottsdale Airport provides for a magnificent view. Whether you’re an aviation buff or not, there’s something inspiring about watching these big birds come in and take off. For the perfect view, you can choose the outside patio area with misters/heaters to guarantee a cozy dining experience.

Of course, there’s the view of McDowell Mountains to add to the beauty of our restaurant. Whether you are here for brunch, lunch, or dinner, there’s always some buzz in the airport to spice up the experience.

Perfect Venue for Events

Our location also makes us the perfect venue for amazing events from private, corporate to other social gatherings. There’s space for custom events, and we have the most experienced catering team to ensure guests are well looked after.

Memorable Dining Experience

With over a decade of experience serving this community, we always go to great lengths to deliver an exceptional experience.  Our staff is experienced and friendly, and we promote the feel of a family setting.

We have invested heavily in diversifying our menu to keep our customers happy. Our chefs are always upgrading their offerings to satisfy our customers. We try to offer personalized experienced for dine-in takeout, events, private dining, or any other services. Check out our testimonials.

Keeping You Safe


Following CDC Guidelines


Visit or Call us today at 480.657.2426 for a reservation, and let us make your Scottsdale dining experience memorable.